Open Source Church Software

After a bit of searching the web, we built a list of open source software for churches.

We are only affiliated with Cedar, OneBody and apostello. Also, this list has recently been culled of projects that haven't made a release in the last 5 years.

Name Type License Tech Last Release
BVCMS ChMS GPLv2 C♯ (.NET) 2016
Cedar media projection MIT JavaScript (Meteor) 2016
ChurchInfo ChMS GPLv2 PHP 2015
OneBody member portal AGPLv3 Ruby on Rails 2016
OpenLP media projection GPLv2 Python 2015
OpenSong media projection GPLv2 REALbasic 2014
Rock RMS ChMS Apache 2.0 C♯ (.NET) 2016
SoftProjector media projection GPLv3 Qt/C++ 2014
apostello SMS communication MIT Python 2016

To suggest an addition or correction for this list, please create an issue.